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for a high-end real estate agency

The J.Louis agency specializes in locating luxury real estate properties in the Rhône-Alpes, the Loire-Atlantique and the Alpes-Maritimes regions. We guide you throughout the acquisition process.

Besides a substantial time saving, you will benefit from our local knowledge of high-end french properties as well as our ability to find the one property that suits your needs the most.

We act exclusively as a buyer's agent and we will do everything to garantee your complete satisfaction.

We offer our clients

top of the line customized services in order to find them the perfect property.

We listen to your needs and preferences then we make a selection of appropriate properties and send you comprehensive brochures and make available virtual video tours;
We organize
Visits to your properties of choice at your conveniences.
Taken care by
Your movements in a 100 kilometers raduis.
Legal, fiscal and financial
Analysis of your whole project of acquisition.
Total follow-up
Until the final closing and delivery of keys.
Save yourself time
And allow us to take care of the rest.


a real estate property in France

Under French law a valid contract exists when the buyer and seller enter into an agreement (in this case to sell a real estate property) and agree on a price. A non-professional buyer can cancel this preliminary contract, within 7 days, by notification by registered letter with an acknowledgment of receipt. The preliminary contract is the first step in the process of buying a house or an apartment in France. This is a binding contract which confirms the agreement between buyer and seller. Often the contract includes conditions precedent such as the requirement for financing by the buyer. If the conditions are not met then the contract is void.

The final sales contract is the second and last step in becoming a property owner in France. This contract, which must be prepared by a Notary, transfers ownerships after the conditions precedent have been met. Subsequently, the Notary will send a copy to the Land Registry which will ensure its enforceability against third parties. It usually takes about three months between the date of the preliminary contract and the final property closing. During this period various documents need to be produced to secure the sale. In addition, this period allows the buyer time to obtain a loan. The Land Registry and the requirement for a Notary, a member of the legal profession, ensures your rights to the property which, in France, are exclusive, perpetual and absolute.

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